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May General Meeting & Dinner

  • Monday, May 17, 2021
  • 5:30 PM - 8:00 PM
  • The Gardens, 950 North J Street, Tulare


  • Dinner will be served.
    Tri Tip Sandwiches
    Ranch Beans'
    Potato Salad
    Green Salad

Registration is closed

Our guest speaker this month is Robert Hart. He'll be presenting the new Election Integrity System that has been designed and that they are working to get approved.

"It’s no secret that our elections systems are in serious need of a complete overhaul. After years of watching questionable elections that have no real way to determine if the election was accurate, we decided to create Election Integrity Systems. EIS has developed a completely honest and verifiable voting system that is impossible to fraud. 

Why is it that banks, the DMV, military and many companies never have a problem keeping their books and records straight, yet for some reason counting ballots accurately seems to be almost an impossible task? Why is it that every recount comes up with a different result? Imagine if your bank account kept coming up with a different result? 

Could it be that there are forces that really don’t want honest elections? Regardless of what is really going on, one thing is sure, we absolutely need election systems that are honest and reliable. Having said this, EIS is actively working towards changing the way we hold elections."

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