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From CFRW President Susan Blair

April 27, 2021

The Recall Has QUALIFIED!

The California Secretary of State has officially verified that enough California Voters signed the petition to Recall Governor Newsom. 

This means that all the hours of hard work that so many of our members have put into this Recall Newsom Campaign have helped our state reach an important milestone!  CFRW would like to thank all of our members that have dedicated themselves to gathering signatures to make sure we got to this point.
  Well done, ladies!

Now the tough part begins. There will be a Recall election this year and we have to win it to remove Governor Newsom from his throne in Sacramento. The work is not done yet, so let's all work on doing whatever it takes to cross the finish line and RECALL NEWSOM

Let's show that we are
Inspired, Unstoppable and Unified by getting behind one candidate to help ensure that California's next Governor will be a Republican!

From CFRW President Susan Blair




This bill already passed in Congress. It will go before the Senate very soon!

H.R.1- The “For The People Act of 2021”:

The Democrat’s Frontal Assault On Free and Fair Elections.  In a highly unprecedented move, H.R. 1, Congress’s highest priority bill, went directly from printing to the floor of Congress for a vote with no other committee review except the Rules Committee. It was not sent to any other committees, leaving no chance for any review or amendments. Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer simply do not care about any bi-partisan input or even any input from their own party members on this. Pelosi knows she is likely to be out of power in 2022, and so are the Democrats unless they can lock in permanent power by implementing biased and unfair election rules before then. This would ensure a one-party rule, making elections irrelevant in the future because the Democrats would have overwhelming majorities.

This bill takes all the worst features of California elections and nationalizes them.

  • It removes all constitutional powers from every state legislature to determine how they run their own elections.
  • It eliminates each state’s rights to regulate voter registration.
  • It forces the implementation of early voting.
  • It calls for automatic voter registration for all “people” (there is no “citizenship” requirement).
  • It allows same-day voting registration with no I.D. required.
  • It promotes online registration and no-fault absentee balloting.
  • It calls for 30 days of voting and would mandate acceptance of ballots up to 3 days after the election without requiring proof of when those ballots were cast.
  • Voter I.D. requirements, which 35 states have now, would be banned.
  • States will lose most of their ability to clean up voter rolls. In fact, it would make it a criminal offense for a state official to reject a voter registration even under “color of law” when that official has reason to believe the registration should be rejected.
  • H.R. 1 forces states to allow 16 and 17-years olds to register to vote but does not provide any way for states to keep underage people from voting.
  • It requires each state to allow felons to vote even before they have completed their parole or restitution terms.
  • Ballot harvesting will be allowed in every state, regardless of what the state legislature says.
  • Implement taxpayer-funded federal campaign donations – the government will use taxpayer dollars to match at $6.00 for every $1.00 donated.
  • This bill will reduce the number of Federal Election Commission members from its current 6 (3 Republicans and 3 Democrats) to 5, allowing the party in power to control election authority.
  • It takes away a state legislature’s authority to draw congressional districts and gives it to an “independent” commission who would be unaccountable to voters.
  • It would mandate the inclusion of all aliens regardless of citizenship status in all redistricting counts.
  • It would empower the IRS to consider and investigate the political and policy positions of nonprofits organizations before granting tax-exempt status.
  • It would prohibit any lawsuits challenging the constitutionality of H.R. 1 anywhere except in the District Court for the District of Columbia and would severely limit the legal representation and due process rights of challengers.


We ask you to share this information with EVERYONE you can, and we encourage EVERYONE to contact their U.S. Senators, even if you did not vote for them, and express your opposition to H.R.1. They need to hear our voices!!!

  •  Our U.S. Senators in California are Dianne Feinstein and Alex Padilla. Links to their contact information are here:
  • Dianne Feinstein 
  • Alex Padilla 

From The National Federation Of Republican Women

Republican Jeannette Rankin of Montana, the first woman elected to Congress

For more than 150 years, women have been an active and vital force in the Republican Party.

Because it seems only natural for men and women to work together on matters that affect the nation, the GOP has focused not so much on advertising what they are “doing” for women, but instead on simply utilizing the talents and energies of any individual who wants to share in the work for the benefit of our country.

Through the utilization of the unique talents of individual Republican women – as well as the combined energies of multitudes of Republican women – the Republican Party has proven itself to be the party of opportunity, the party of true equality. Following are highlights of the role of women in the Republican Party and examples of the unique and vital contributions women have made to our Party:

Three women attend the founding meeting of the Republican Party in Ripon, Wis., and women actively campaign for Republican presidential candidate John Fremont.  

Journalist Jane Grey Swisshelm becomes known as the "mother of the Republican Party" in Minnesota.

Republicans win the White House for the first time with the election of Abraham Lincoln, whose campaign was aided by prominent women such as suffragist Elizabeth Cady Stanton.

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